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FLOWN: The Album

Jacquelyn released her much-anticipated full-length album, "FLOWN" in early 2024. It features her original music and arrangements that also showcase her incredible keyboard playing -- on virtually every type of keyboard instrument! (Acoustic piano, electric piano, B3 organ, harpsichord and more.) The songs zigzag from jazz to pop to alternative. From the buzz we are already seeing, we think this release will surely solidify her unique voice in the music industry.

Jacquelyn is also joined by an assortment of all-star musicians: Marvin "Smitty" Smith, Christian Galvez, Jimmy Branly, Tony Austin, Antoine Katz, Rene Camacho and Christian Moraga. The album boasts top-shelf mixing and mastering by Thai Long Ly.


It is Jacquelyn's producing debut and from what we can tell, just the beginning of something truly exceptional.


NOW AVAILABLE on all streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music). Vinyl, CDs and Cassettes coming SOON!   Links to listen or buy on all streaming platforms here


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FLOWN: The Album


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